About our company

SETAAK Co. has been established on the purpose of manufacturing Standard Parts, Progressive Dies, Die Casting Dies and injection Mold for Precision and Sensitive Gas home appliance Industries parts.

Equipped with updated knowledge and founders 15 year worth experiences in the field of Mold-making and Manufacturing of precision Mold, this company run its Standard Parts and Mold-making unit in this year.


2) 1997-1998

Developing the quantity and variety of Standard Parts as well as high quality, SETAAK could devote appropriate portion of domestic market to itself.


3) 1999

Participating in Tehran International Exhibition and distributing wide range of catalogs, new customers introduce to the quality and variety of SETAAK Products.


4) 2000

Expanding the factory area an equipped wide range of required machines, Standard Parts production increase more than 200%


5) 2001

Completing the series of water heater, boiler and heater and equipping mold making department, proper capacity generated.

SETAAK products high quality approved by mould makers and standard parts users and for the 1st time in Iran SETAAK specialize software to draw standard parts by Auto Cad in this year.


6) 2002

SETAAK Co. developed its international commercial activity and started or developed its cooperation with valid foreign companies in the field of Standard Parts and Anaerobic Adhesives.


7) 2003

The first Comprehensive Catalog including very diversity in the Standard Parts and distributed on internal exhibitions famous that got accepted from mold-makers and did caused grow up the sales of products.


8) 2004

Beginning the world economic downturn, this company remedied to pass this period by extending other field products and studding in the different fields, Setaak examined to produce gas appliances products.


9) 2005

Beginning the production of gas appliances, gas pressure regulator manufactured and achieved to mass production rapidly.


10) 2006

The extensive activities were performed in the field of marketing and international trading and several trips to Europe prepared extending cooperation with business parties, starting to export standard parts and developing international relations.

In this year SAMAN ENERGY SETAAK registered by purchasing new equipments and manufacturing gas appliances parts and producing Gas Pressure Regulator moved from SETAAK Co. to SAMAN ENERGY SETAAK.


11) 2007

The several models of Gas Pressure Regulator reached to mass production and met with favorable reception by the manufacturer of home appliances because of SETAAK Gas Pressure Regulator high quality (class B).

Since SETAAK required special machines, machine making unit run in this year. Also wide range of Standard Parts diversity increased.

In this year SETAAK Mold-making unit by updated technology and worth experiences, played valuable role to achieve to its purpose, progress and new products.

This company continued its activity by manufacturing of Progressive Dies and Die Casting Dies expertly.


12) 2008

For the first time in IRAN,ODS manufactured by SETAAK Co. and achieved to mass production, in this year Standard Parts Unit purchased new equipment and evolutionally this unit.

In this year has been done a lot of marketing with activity wide in the field of exporting product and to prepared too in many foreign travel. Planned Concentratedly

   13) 2009

Quality promotion was planned at the standard part department.

This department succeeded to drill the plates and molds according to international standards and achieve to substantial evolution.

Gas control pressure governor valve produced different by design and applicable for the 1st time in the world and reached to mass production.

Considering significant request to ODS and production increase, the need to thermocouple felt so thermocouple production line was run for the purpose of producing variety of ODS, Gas heater and water heater thermocouples.


14) 2010

Comprehensive SETAAK catalog published including various manufactured and supplied parts and educational and technical points and more than 150000 volumes distributed in domestic exhibitions and sent to all agents and customers.

Considering significant increase of Gas regulator, ODS and Gas control valve production, decided to increase the work area and machining, Gas control valve, Gas pressure Regulator and ODS halls ran.

Also SETAAK R&D department succeeded to design and make sample the thermostatic unit, so it is capable to be connected to different control valve and convert normal gas control valve to thermostatic one.

Devoting the first level of quality was one of the achievements of more than 10 year SETAAK attempts in promoting the products quality.


15) 2011

After concentrating on export, the first consignment of standard parts exported to Europe and gas pressure regulator exported to Europe, central Asia and neighbor countries.

In this year thermostatic unit reached to mass production and SETAAK achieved 1st level in the area by producing and selling more than 700,000 ODS.

R&D and mold making departments started to design and produce combined water and gas control valve in this year.

So because of its complicate parts this project has been one of the SETAAK valuable projects.


16) 2012

We should call this year the year of SETAAK export.

The acceptable volume of standard parts and gas pressure regulator exported to Europe and central Asia.

Combined water and gas control valve is set to start production and the production volume of gas pressure regulator reached to 500000 pieces.

Also developing international marking, producing TM2 gas pressure regulator is introduced for the purpose of exporting only.

Thermocouple department succeeded to produce more than ODS, gas stove and water heater thermocouple.


17) 2013

SETAAK started this year on the purpose of quality promoting, customer satisfaction, production developing, and increasing the volume of export and we hope that the developing arrangement prepared by the Allah assistance, cooperating and coordination of all friends and staffs.

We thanks Allah that always has bestowed us the research and development and production power and we hope SETAAK family with more than 250 employees can maintain and continue this progressive way.

About our company